Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Developer abandon plans for Camberwell Station development

The plans for a high rise development at Camberwell Station have been abandoned by the developer.  This is a good outcome following the community campaign against inappropriate development of the station.

The Progress Leader published this letter from me about the outcome.

It is good to see that community activism helped torpedo the multistory development planned at Camberwell station. 

Hopefully a better low-scale development can now be planned that improves amenity of the station for train travellers, preserves the station's heritage values and provides a public plaza to benefit the local community.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

I have enjoyed my campaign for Maling Ward, its up to the voters now

I have enjoyed my campaign for Maling Ward.  It has been a pleasure to meet many residents, groups and traders in Maling Ward and across the City of Boroondara.

With six candidates running it is very much an open race so your vote will be very important.

I ask for your vote (1) if if you would like a fresh and capable Councillor for Maling Ward on Boroondara Council. 

I am genuine independent candidate as I am not a member of any political party. I will be able to represent all residents of Maling Ward free from the constraints that a political party might apply.

In the end, its not about me, its about you.  Your vote will help elect the next Councillor.  My prime responsibility will be to represent your views and issues on Boroondara Council.

The number one issue that residents raised with me has been protecting our heritage and streetscapes from inappropriate development.  Here is what I said about this in the Boroondara Review.

What is the most pressing matter facing Boroondara? 

Many people are greatly concerned inappropriate development is destroying many residential streets and shopping centres. We have lost fine heritage buildings.

How do you propose Council better address this issue?

I will consult widely to ensure resident views on local development proposals and protection of our heritage are represented to council and taken into account during planning decisions.

I look forward to representing you and Maling Ward  if I am elected. I commit to putting a 100% effort to do so.

Remember, your ballot must be received (by post) by 6pm on Friday 26 October.,

Monday, 15 October 2012

On my bike and in poll position!

The Boroondara Review, a local newspaper, has just published an article and one of the reasons I am standing for Council - the provision of safer shared pedestrian and cycling infrastructure to create a better network throughout Boroondara.

Peter Campbell cycling on Rathmines Road. Photo: Stephen McKenzie

Boroondara Council has a key role for advocating for the provision of infrastructure. If elected, I will pursue the opportunity to provide a safe family-friendly shared pedestrian and bike trial through Boroondara connecting Hawthorn and Box Hill.
Most residents of Maling Ward I have spoken to during this campaign really want a safe trail for bikes and pedestrians along this route for local trips and tot connect with the Anniversary and Main Yarra Trails.
I am participating in the Ride to Work Day this Wednesday 17/10 and having breakfast at the Hawthorn Velodrome in Boroondara.  I hope to see you there.

Friday, 12 October 2012

I spoke at the local Falun Dafa forum in Balwyn

I was invited by Lucy Lieu from Falun Dafa (also called Falun Gong) to participate in a public forum in Balwyn for candidates across Boroondara to meet local Falun Dafa members.  This is one of the very few chances I have had to speak at a public event and meet local residents in a forum in the run up to the Boroondara Council elections.

Falun Dafa is an advanced self-cultivation practice based on Zhen that espouses the admirable principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance.

I spoke my first words of Mandarin - Dàjiā hǎo (welcome).

I provided an overview of my background and life in Boroondara, then briefly covered several issues in Maling Ward and across Boroondara such as inappropriate development, improving public transport, a plan for the Hawthorn to Box Hill shared trail and the delivery of important local community services.

I had a couple of excellent questions.  I was asked why international students cannot get a student concession card for public transport and have to pay full fare.  I said I thought that this was not appropriate and that Boroondara Council should advocate to the Victorian Government for international students to get concession cards.

Another resident asked if train services could be increased to Canterbury Station.  I replied that there are too few trains stopping at East Camberwell, Canterbury and Chatham stations in Maling Ward, and that I thought is was appropriate for Boroondara Council to also advocate to the Victorian Government for increased services.  You can sometimes wait up to 20 minutes between trains during peak hours.  There should be a service every 10 minutes during busy periods, and every 30 minutes on weekends and during off peak periods.

After the formalities we shared a nice afternoon tea and chatted further about local issues.

It was a pleasure to see so many people interested in local issues and opportunities throughout Boroondara.