Friday 25 September 2020

FOGO and traffic concerns raised by a Maling Ward resident

 A Maling Ward resident has contacted me with the following concerns.

Waste management and bins

FOGO - Food Organics and Garden Organics bins (green lid)

Recent changes to recycling in Boroondara included the introduction of FOGO bins for food organics and garden organics materials.  These are bins with green lid and are accompanied with a smaller caddy bin.

FOGO bin (lime green lid)
FOGO bin (lime green lid)

FOGO caddy bin
FOGO caddy bin

Many residents don't fully understand how these bins are to be used and some are confused about the caddy bin with a lid that came with the FOGO bins.  It is not obvious what FOGO stands for!

Some key tips are:

  • Only put organic food and garden waste in the FOGO bin
  • Don't put household rubbish into the green lid bin as it contaminates the entire truckload
  • You can put kitchen waste into the caddy bin and transfer it in the compostable caddy liner bag into the FOGO bin
  • FOGO bins are collected weekly
  • Place soiled cardboard and paper waste into the FOGO bin (not the recycling bin with the yellow lid)
There is more information on FOGO bins from Council is here.  

Upgrading bins

You can upgrade or up size your general waste bin (green lid) and recyling bin (yellow lid) at no extra charge,

General waste bin

They are not happy that the general waste bin is only collected once a fortnight - these might get smelly during the hotter months and its hard to remember when to put them out.

I will follow these suggestions up with Council.

Traffic concerns

There should be no right into Canterbury Rd from Wattle Valley Rod - its unsafe due to sight obstruction by the railway viaduct and it creates traffic congestion with people wanting to turn left, as it takes so long to turn right.

Parking bays in Canterbury Rd opposite Highfield Rd should start east of the intersection by at least one space. When someone tries to turn right into Highfield Rd from Canturbury Road it creates traffic congestion all the way back sometimes to Maling Rd due to cars parked opposite Highfield Rd on the north side. Drivers can't squeeze through the car turning right and the parked car.

Maling Rd should become a mall at certain times to give the street a bit of atmosphere., Traffic entry and could be blocked at Canterbury Rd, Bryson St and Scott St. This would encourage diners onto the road area with tables, chairs and umbrellas. This has been very successful in parts of Europe where they close roads from late afternoon.

I will follow these suggestions up with Council and the Department of Transport.

Authorised by Peter Campbell, 81A Durham Road, Surrey Hills 3127

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