Local issues

Local residents and groups have raised with me these local issues in Maling Ward and Boroondara.

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Protecting our heritage

  • Boroondara is still losing heritage buildings - heritage protection is not consistently implemented.
  • The Maling Road Placemaking Project is under way is to rejuvenate the historic Maling Road shopping centre - this will be important for retaining its heritage values and securing its future.
  • I support Council implementing  actions specified in the Boroondara Heritage Action
  • Council should establish an Heritage Advisory Committee that includes some Councillors, Council Officers and local residents.

The Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail - safe and sustainable local transport

  • We need a family-friendly safe cycling route through Maling Ward (the Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail) to connect the Union Rd shopping centre with Maling Road and through to the Anniversary Shared Trail and Camberwell Junction.
  • There is excessive congestion and traffic on many side streets, especially around schools.
  • The trail will make it safer and encourage students to walk or cycle to local schools including Canterbury and Chatham Primary Schools, Canterbury Girls Secondary College, Camberwell High School,  Fintona Girls School, Sienna College and Strathcona.

Climate change, energy and carbon emissions

  • Boroondara's current emission reductions target will not ensure a safe climate
  • Council should set a target for net zero community greenhouse gas emissions by 2030
  • Council must advocate at local, state and national levels for the creation of a 100% renewable electricity network at emergency speed
  • Very little progress has been made to date transitioning to electric vehicles - Council should complete this transition by 2023.
  • A council program with subsidies for distributed energy storage in households and within microgrids is needed to transition to net zero emissions and eliminate fossil fuel use.
  • Council must include emission reductions targets in the Council Plan.


  • We can provide more activities and events for young people so they can meet for recreation and social interaction.  
  • Council should focus on further improvement of local precincts such as Union Road, Maling Road and Whitehorse Road.


  • Some footpaths in Maling Ward are in a dangerous condition and need repairing.
  • A separate section of bicycle path for the Anniversary Trail is needed from Myrtle Road up to Canterbury Road. This will allow the current narrow path to be dedicated to pedestrians, dog walkers and children.
  • Improvements at Canterbury station are needed - including a tunnel under the tracks from Theatre Place with a lift to the platforms, and a shared path bridge over Canterbury Road.
  • The Toorak road shared path bridge on the popular Anniversary Trail has been approved - Council must allocate funds to this project and get the Victorian Government to allocate around $4 million to build it.

Covid-19 relief

  • Covid-19 has had major impacts on both residents and businesses across Boroorondara
  • Council should offer rate relief of 5% to residents and businesses suffering hardship
  • Council must liaise with traders associations to develop a plan to retain and assist local businesses that provide vital services to the local community.


  • Boroondara has an excellent biodiversity strategy that has led to significant improvements in biodiversity corridors
  • Residents should have a choice of street trees on their nature strip - approved native trees provide better habitat for native animals and birds.
  • A program is required to re-establish native vegetation along the weed-infested section of the Anniversary Trail from the Rubens Grove bridge through to Whitehorse Road.

Map of locations and issues in and around Maling Ward

View Maling Ward issues in a larger map

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