Dick Menting, Independent Councillor for Maling Ward 2004 - 2012

Peter was instrumental in the upgrade of the Gardiners Creek bike trail during my stint as councillor from 2008-12. With his persistence, the trail was extended with a tunnel under Warragul Road and many improvements through Dorothy Laver Reserve and along the freeway near Glenferrie Road. 

Peter was also one of the organisers in replanting parts of South Surrey Park and other activities improving life in Boroondara.

Adjunct Professor Hon Dr Ken Coghill, Surrey Hills.

Peter has impressed me as one of Maling Ward’s most active volunteers and most effective citizens since I first got to know him over a decade ago.  

Peter really is someone who “walks the talk” and gets things done, whether in a rescue team finding someone lost in the hills, encouraging and helping people to live sustainably, or working to make cycling safer for commuting and leisure.  

Peter is sure to provide real leadership in Boroondara if elected as our Maling Ward Councillor. 

Please give Peter your vote.


Dr. Heinz Kreutz, former Boroondara councillor and mayor

I have known Peter Campbell for well over a decade. During my time as Boroondara Councillor (Lynden ward, 2002-2016)) and Mayor, I had many opportunities and the distinct privilege of working with Peter on several community working groups and expert panels. I have always found Peter’s expertise and enthusiasm very impressive. Whenever we needed frank, fearless, and unbiased input from the community, Peter put his hand up on many occasions to participate and offer a genuine view from a community grassroots perspective.

He is an honest and very genuine person with a wealth of experience. In addition to his family, Peter’s passion is the environment, with a strong focus on sustainability issues. Furthermore, and in my opinion, more importantly, Peter holds very strong social values and will be a key contributor to initiatives concerning social justice, local democracy, and a fair representation of a cross-section of the community.

I endorse Peter as candidate for Maling Ward in the strongest possible terms.



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