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Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Anniversary Trail "missing link" right next to Maling Ward is nearly completed

My daughter Chloe and I stopped by to check out the nearly completed "missing link" on the Anniversary Trail shared path - this is at the Prospect Hill Road end of the link.  

This new section of path will provide a direct route free from traffic so people won't need to ride of walk along Spencer Road.  Its taken about 10 years of effort by Boroondara BUG and Council Officers to get this built. It will be worth it.

I attended and spoke at the Council planning meeting in 2015 when the final plans for this route were approved after extensive public consultation. See [meeting agenda].  There was a last minute attempt to delay this important link at the meeting and Councillor Jane Addis voted against the Council Officers' recommended alignment but thankfully the vote was carried.  Five years later and its very nearly built.

Pedestrians and cyclists and pedestrians of all ages will now benefit from the improved safety this link will provide - there are many families with small children that walk and ride along the anniversary trail to enjoy the scenery and parks along its route.