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Friday 6 November 2020

Jane Addis is the successful candidate for Maling Ward - provisional results

Janes Addis is the successful candidate for Maling Ward after distribution of preferences. This was advised to me a candidate on Thursday 5 November.  

Note that this result is provisional - the final result will be announced on Friday 13 November.

I congratulate Jane on this strong result and wish her well for her third term on Council.  

I look forward to working with her and other Boroondara Councillors to get the Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail and other safe cycling infrastructure built in Boroondara.

Final results for Boroondara Council elections are available [here]

Friday 30 October 2020

Results in Maling Ward

Extraction and counting activities of ballots for Maling Ward are currently underway. 

The first report provided to me a candidate was the provisional first preferences shown below

Note that there are more votes to be opened and counted so these figures are not final.

Once first preference votes are all counted preference allocation will be the next and final step. The candidate with the least votes is eliminated and their ballots allocated to the next candidate on each ballot (as selected by the voters).  

This process is repeated until only two candidates remain - the winner and candidate who ended up coming second.

Group B ballots were allocated to 1st preference for every ward Monday 2/10. Then preference distributions are on Wednesday 4/10 and Thursday 5/10.

Update 4 Nov
With all ballots allocated to 1st preference, elimination of candidates commenced.
The outcome was:

This process continues on Thursday and should be completed.

I will provide more information when it is available.

Final results are declared by the VEC on 13 November. 

Saturday 3 November 2012

Congratulations to Jane Addis, Councillor for Maling Ward

I came third (out of 6 candidates) in the election for Maling Ward with 18% of the primary vote.

Jane Addis (an independent) was elected with a very strong vote. I am happy that voters elected her over one of the two (undeclared) Liberal candidates - Scott Samson and Stephen Spring.

Congratulations Jane.

It is great that Maling Ward has a female Councillor, with another two women (Coral Ross, re-elected & Judith Voce) elected. Boroondara Council now has a better gender balance.

I look forward to the new Council supporting and taking action on improved cycling infrastructure and sustainability and supporting local community groups such as the Friends of South Surrey Park.