Here are my responses to surveys that I have completed as a candidate for Maling Ward.

 The Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre wrote to me about their concerns about lack of funding for maintenance and facilities upgrades and the lack of clarity of the process for getting funding and Council priorities.

My response is: 
  • The Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre provides vital services and facilities to the Boroondara community.  I have attended numerous meetings and events there, and know it is greatly appreciated by locals.
  • I note that the Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre needs facilities improvements including bigger room sizes to cater for the demand for larger class and meeting sizes. Funds are also needed for basic maintenance including fixing leaky roofs and new carpets.
  • I will advocate for the Boroondara Council to implement transparent and clear processes for setting priorities and timetables for funding of major facilities and infrastructure improvements.

Boroondara Bicycle Users Group - my response on Provision of Cycling Facilities in Boroondara

Boroondara Heritage Group for Advocacy and Protection of our Heritage

Boroondara is still losing heritage buildings - heritage protection is not consistently implemented.

If elected, I will :
  • Support the formation of Heritage Advisory Committee that includes some Councillors, Council Officers and local residents.
  • Support the implementation of the Boroondara Heritage Action Plan that has been approved by Council. I have signed a pledge to that effect.

Kooyong Climate Change Alliance - my response to their candidate questionnaire

Alliance for Gambling Reform - I support all their advocacy asks.

Camberwell Green public space should be restored as a public park. It should not be used as a car park. Boroondara residents’ views on the use of this space must not be ignored by Council.

My response to the stop the North East Link alliance candidate survey.  The East West link is a massive road project that will destroy green space, increase carbon emissions and encourage more private vehicle use.  Sustainable transport options including new train and bike paths should be built instead.

I have taken the Rainbow Local Government Pledge. I will always act to further equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer and asexual (LGBTIQA+) people, work to end discrimination, and stand up for human rights.

I take seriously the impact that my actions and decisions both as a candidate for local council, and a councillor, can have on my local LGBTIQA+ community.

Netball is a very important sport in Boroondara and across Australia.  Boroondara Netball Association is managed by volunteers and provides significant benefits to the local community including participation, health, and women's, youth, family and school involvement. BNA also participates in partnerships with several other organisations that contribute to the community.  Boroondara Council should provide appropriate support and take steps to ensure that required facilities are available. 

If elected, I will work collaboratively with Basketball Hawthorn to find solutions to address the current venue profile and court availability issues.  
A home base for and improvement of basketball operations within the City of Boroondara is important for the community.

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