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Monday 5 October 2020

Council waste collections - a survey of residents is needed

A Maling Ward resident has contacted with concerns about the recent changes to waste collection in Boroondara. 

His family and local business in Surrey Hills have been negatively and severely impacted by the reduction of the normal waste collection to fortnightly (despite having the largest bins).  Their paper recycling bin is also always full with no option to upgrade.  It is a sore point to have this reduction while council fees increase.

Boroondara bins [source]

The impact of revised waste management on larger families needs to be assessed. If elected I will call for a survey of Boroondara residents to get their feedback and determine:

  • If weekly collection of the general waste bin should be reinstated
  • If the size of waste bins is appropriate
Another resident has previously advised me that more information needs to be communicated to residents to ensure the new FOGO bins are used appropriately.

Authorised by Peter Campbell, 81A Durham Road, Surrey Hills 3127