Friday 6 November 2020

Jane Addis is the successful candidate for Maling Ward - provisional results

Janes Addis is the successful candidate for Maling Ward after distribution of preferences. This was advised to me a candidate on Thursday 5 November.  

Note that this result is provisional - the final result will be announced on Friday 13 November.

I congratulate Jane on this strong result and wish her well for her third term on Council.  

I look forward to working with her and other Boroondara Councillors to get the Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail and other safe cycling infrastructure built in Boroondara.

Final results for Boroondara Council elections are available [here]

Friday 30 October 2020

Results in Maling Ward

Extraction and counting activities of ballots for Maling Ward are currently underway. 

The first report provided to me a candidate was the provisional first preferences shown below

Note that there are more votes to be opened and counted so these figures are not final.

Once first preference votes are all counted preference allocation will be the next and final step. The candidate with the least votes is eliminated and their ballots allocated to the next candidate on each ballot (as selected by the voters).  

This process is repeated until only two candidates remain - the winner and candidate who ended up coming second.

Group B ballots were allocated to 1st preference for every ward Monday 2/10. Then preference distributions are on Wednesday 4/10 and Thursday 5/10.

Update 4 Nov
With all ballots allocated to 1st preference, elimination of candidates commenced.
The outcome was:

This process continues on Thursday and should be completed.

I will provide more information when it is available.

Final results are declared by the VEC on 13 November. 

Thankyou for voting for me

While votes are being counted, I wish to thank everyone who encouraged me to run for Boroondara Council and those who helped and provided advice during my campaign.

I also thank those who voted for me, its humbling to have your support. 

I hope the newly elected Boroondara councillors will represent their constituents well and strive to better our community.

I will continue to be a strong voice for the Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail and action on climate change.

Tuesday 20 October 2020

Let's build the Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail

Let's build the Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail - I have been advocating for this for twenty years.

If elected to the City of Boroondara I will continue to work with Boroondara BUG, MeBUG and the Department of Transport to get this shared path built for pedestrians and cyclists of all ages. 

The path will provide safe travel and recreation for locals and visitors and will enable students to ride to over 20 schools and other education institutions in Boroondara.

The path will also connect the Yarra Trail to the Anniversary Trail and the Box Hill to Ringwood bike path and would run though Maling Ward connecting Surrey Hills to Camberwell.

After we submitted a petition to the Victorian Parliament, Paul Hamer MP secured $370,000 for a feasibility study which the Department of Transport is now completing. I have provided input to this as a BBUG rep along with MeBUG reps. 

The aim is get the project to "shovel ready" so funds can be allocated for construction to start in 2021. 

Over 1200 people have signed this petition to the Mayors of Whitehorse Council and Boroondara Council requesting their support and to funding for the trail so their is very strong local support for this well overdue shared path.

This will be a priority concern for me if I am elected to Council. 

Saturday 17 October 2020

Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre needs support

The Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre wrote to me about their concerns about lack of funding for maintenance and facilities upgrades and the lack of clarity of the process for getting funding and Council priorities.

Friends of South Surrey Park AGM 2017

The Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre provides vital services and facilities to the Boroondara community.  I have attended numerous meetings and events there, and know it is greatly appreciated by locals.

I note that the Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre needs facilities improvements including bigger room sizes to cater for the demand for larger class and meeting sizes. Funds are also needed for basic maintenance including fixing leaky roofs and new carpets.

I will advocate for the Boroondara Council to implement transparent and clear processes for setting priorities and timetables for funding of major facilities and infrastructure improvements. 

Tuesday 13 October 2020

Locals have contacted me about trees on nature strips, garbage collection and bike tracks for kids

Several locals in Maling Ward of Boroondara Council have contacted me over the last few weeks. Here are some of their concerns.  If elected, I will raise all these matters on Council.

Street trees: Roots from a Plane tree (Plantanus) on a resident's nature strip are destroying their fence foundations and the footpath and they don't like the fine particles from the tree that cause throat irritation.  While Plane trees look attractive and can provide good shade, they require constant costly trimming when planted under power lines. Residents should have a choice of tree on their nature strip - suitable native trees provide better habitat for native birds and animals.

Plane tree in Theatre Place, Maling Road

Waste collection: More residents have raised concern that the fortnightly collection of the general waste bin will cause problems with odours over the hot summer months.

Bike tracks for kids: there are currently very few bike tracks for children in Maling Ward. The south end of Shrublands Creek Reserve tucked away off Faversham Road has informal bike tracks and is not visited by many people other than locals walking their dogs.  This could be enhanced to provide a good small bike park.  This could also reduce the recent damage to planted areas of South Surrey Park that have been uprooted to form informal bike tracks.

Saturday 10 October 2020

Peter Campbell has the best ranking Boroondara Votes Climate scorecard for Maling Ward

I have the best ranking for climate action in Maling Ward for the 2020 Boroondara Council election on the scorecard published by Boroondara and Kooyong Climate Action.

You can read more about my response to their survey and download it [here]

Boroondara's emission reduction targets are far too low. Boroondara can shift from laggard to leader on climate action by:
  • Setting a target net zero greenhouse gas emissions for its operations by 2025
  • Setting a target for net zero community emissions by 2030.
  • Implementing initiatives and programs to meet these targets, including rapid installation of more solar panels, phasing out natural gas use, transitioning to electric vehicles and providing charging stations
  • Providing a program to actively promote and support effective community and business emissions reduction initiatives
If elected, these will be priority concerns for me. I believe actions speak louder than words.

Wednesday 7 October 2020

Leaflets delivered and voting packs being mailed out

I have finished distributing my leaflet throughout Maling Ward. You might have seen me out and about. I distributed most of them myself by bicycle, a friend helped out with some streets near Deepdene.  

There are lots of nice house and some big hills so I got some good exercise.  I have put some posters up in select locations too.

I met many residents along the way and chatted briefly about there concerns in Maling Ward. Everyone supported the Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail - there is very strong community support for this vital shared path.

Please consider voting 1 for Peter Campbell - I seek your support to help build a better, more sustainable Boroondara and foster a vibrant and cohesive community. 

Tuesday 6 October 2020

Rejuvenating local shopping centres in Maling Ward and COVID-19 rate relief

Shops and traders in local centres across Boroondara have experienced a lot of hardship with the impacts of COVID-19 restrictions.  

Maling Road in particular has several vacant shops now.  

The new retail premises under the development of the old Bradshaws site at 87 Maling Rd have remained vacant for over 2 years now.

Rents charged by landlords for retail premises are very high. For example:

  • $75K per annum for 105sqm
  • $92K per annum for 144sqm
Tims bookshop moved out of Maling Road due to the very high rent in August 2009 - much to the distress of our family who were regulars there.  It is possible that the premises may be turned into more residential apartments.

Monday 5 October 2020

Council waste collections - a survey of residents is needed

A Maling Ward resident has contacted with concerns about the recent changes to waste collection in Boroondara. 

His family and local business in Surrey Hills have been negatively and severely impacted by the reduction of the normal waste collection to fortnightly (despite having the largest bins).  Their paper recycling bin is also always full with no option to upgrade.  It is a sore point to have this reduction while council fees increase.

Boroondara bins [source]

The impact of revised waste management on larger families needs to be assessed. If elected I will call for a survey of Boroondara residents to get their feedback and determine:

  • If weekly collection of the general waste bin should be reinstated
  • If the size of waste bins is appropriate
Another resident has previously advised me that more information needs to be communicated to residents to ensure the new FOGO bins are used appropriately.

Authorised by Peter Campbell, 81A Durham Road, Surrey Hills 3127

Friday 2 October 2020

The Darebin bridge is getting lots of use by walkers and bike riders

The Darebin Bridge has proved to be a huge success with both walkers and bike riders.  Many people are using the bridge as a connection across the Yarra between the Darebin Creek Trail and the Yarra Trail.

One wonders why it took over 25 years of effort by Boroondara BUG and locals to get this fantastic bridge built - there was significant opposition to this bridge from several Boroondara councillors including Steve Hurd, Jim Parke and Jane Addis. 

If I am elected to Council I will support similar infrastructure - such as the bridge needed for the Anniversary Trail across Toorak Road, and the Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail.

Thursday 1 October 2020

Happy China Moon festival today!

It is the China Moon festival today -  a reunion time for families. I wish all the residents of Maling Ward and across Boroondara of Chinese descent a happy festival.  Enjoy the mooncake! 

Moon cakes
Moon Cakes [source]

Authorised by Peter Campbell, 81A Durham Road, Surrey Hills 3127

Tuesday 29 September 2020

Anniversary Trail "missing link" right next to Maling Ward is nearly completed

My daughter Chloe and I stopped by to check out the nearly completed "missing link" on the Anniversary Trail shared path - this is at the Prospect Hill Road end of the link.  

This new section of path will provide a direct route free from traffic so people won't need to ride of walk along Spencer Road.  Its taken about 10 years of effort by Boroondara BUG and Council Officers to get this built. It will be worth it.

I attended and spoke at the Council planning meeting in 2015 when the final plans for this route were approved after extensive public consultation. See [meeting agenda].  There was a last minute attempt to delay this important link at the meeting and Councillor Jane Addis voted against the Council Officers' recommended alignment but thankfully the vote was carried.  Five years later and its very nearly built.

Pedestrians and cyclists and pedestrians of all ages will now benefit from the improved safety this link will provide - there are many families with small children that walk and ride along the anniversary trail to enjoy the scenery and parks along its route.

Video - why I am running for Maling Ward in Boroondara

 Here's my video of why I am running for Maling Ward in 2020, including:

  • action on climate change
  • building the Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail
  • open and transparent local government
  • supporting local traders
  • sustainable transport
  • protecting and improving our environment, parks and open spaces.  
Boroondara must shift from laggard to leader on climate change and sustainability.

You can also read more about why I am running [here]

Authorised by Peter Campbell, 81A Durham Road, Surrey Hills 3127

Saturday 26 September 2020

Kooyong Climate Change Alliance survey - Boroondara must shift from laggard to leader on climate action

I have submitted this response the survey from the Kooyong Climate Change Alliance

Boroondara must shift from laggard to leader on climate action. 

I have been involved in campaigns for action on climate change, renewable energy and energy efficiency since 2000.

I have suggested that Boroondara Council move to renewable energy, reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency (e.g. by installing low energy street lighting) since 2000.

Boroondara's emission reduction targets are far too low. Council should set a target net zero greenhouse gas emissions for its operations by 2025.

Authorised by Peter Campbell, 81A Durham Road, Surrey Hills 3127

Friday 25 September 2020

FOGO and traffic concerns raised by a Maling Ward resident

 A Maling Ward resident has contacted me with the following concerns.

Waste management and bins

FOGO - Food Organics and Garden Organics bins (green lid)

Recent changes to recycling in Boroondara included the introduction of FOGO bins for food organics and garden organics materials.  These are bins with green lid and are accompanied with a smaller caddy bin.

FOGO bin (lime green lid)
FOGO bin (lime green lid)

FOGO caddy bin
FOGO caddy bin

Many residents don't fully understand how these bins are to be used and some are confused about the caddy bin with a lid that came with the FOGO bins.  It is not obvious what FOGO stands for!

Tuesday 22 September 2020

My response to Boroondara Bicycle Users Group survey - Boroondara need more shared paths and safe cycling infrastructure

I have submitted my response the survey from the Boroondara Bicycle Users Group today. We need more safe shared cycling and pedestrian paths in Boroondara. In particular, we need the Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail built. 

You can read my submission to BBUG [here] 

I have been a member of the Boroondara Bicycle Users Group for over 20 years

You can sign the petition to support Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail [here]

Authorised by Peter Campbell, 81A Durham Road, Surrey Hills 3127

Wednesday 9 September 2020

Why I am running for Maling Ward in 2020

As a long-term Surrey Hills resident, I greatly value our tree-lined streets, parks, ovals and gardens, cultural activities and diversity. 

Our sustainable house has reduced our carbon emissions and saved energy and water since 2001.

My community activities include park re-vegetation with the Friends of South Surrey Park, volunteering with Bush Search and Rescue Victoria and participation with the Boroondara Bicycle Users Group

I am a keen cyclist, skier and kitesurfer. This is my blog for kitesurfing and ski touring

Peter Campbell for Maling Ward Boroondara

I stand for:

Action for a safe climate – set net zero emissions target

Build the Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail – for walkers and cyclists of all ages

Improving recycling and waste management

Protecting and improving our environment, parks and open spaces

Open and transparent government – I will be your voice on Council

Protecting and enhancing local heritage precincts

Sustainable transport – transition Council to Electric Vehicles

Community – more activities and events for young people

Caring for our aged – improved aged care services

COVID-19 rate relief – for residents and local businesses

Supporting local traders – who provide vital services

Walking and riding to school – reduce traffic congestion near schools

Infrastructure – build more shared paths and fix dangerous footpaths

Your vote at this election will determine whether Boroondara shifts from laggard to leader on climate change and sustainability.

I am passionate about climate action, our open spaces, protecting heritage, conservation of energy and water, sustainable transport and provision of quality services to our community.

The new Boroondara Climate Action Plan and consequent policies, targets and actions will be vital for delivering a safe climate for future generations. Council has an important role in climate action within Boroondara improving energy efficiency of Council buildings and facilities and transitioning to clean renewable energy.

A council program with subsidies for distributed energy storage in households and within microgrids is needed to transition to net zero emissions and eliminate fossil fuel use.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for shared paths and open spaces.  I have campaigned for the long overdue Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail since 2005 – a feasibility study is now underway for this.

Council's revised Bicycle Strategy (not completed yet) will help promote, build and sustain a cultural shift in thinking towards alternative sustainable transport options in Boroondara, which will enhance our links between neighbouring councils and the greater Melbourne metropolitan area.

We need more safe, family-friendly shared bike and pedestrian paths. More people walking and riding bikes will reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions and provide safe and healthy travel for local communities.

Trees are carbon sinks and provide shade that helps cool urban areas. More trees need to be planted across Boroondara. Council must advocate to stop logging in Melbourne’s water catchments to improve water yields and reduce carbon emissions.

I have professional experience in agricultural science, information technology, systems architecture, project management and developing business strategies. I have developed and implemented project and operational plans.  I also have experience in volunteer emergency management with Bush Search and Rescue Victoria.

I will serve our community on Council with persistence, dedication, honesty and integrity.

I seek your support to help build a better, more sustainable Boroondara and foster a vibrant and cohesive community. 

Please vote 1 Peter Campbell

Contact me on 0409 417 504 or

Postal voting closes 6p.m. Friday 23 October 2020

Authorised by Peter Campbell, 81A Durham Road, Surrey Hills 3127